Foot Care and Treatment

Our feet have a hard time. And unfortunately we are negligent in taking care of our feet.

It is important that we take good care of our feet. To save a lot of trouble later on, such as fungal nails, corns, ngrown toenails, calluses, fissures, blue nails and so on. SalonbySaima can also go for your periodic foot care.

We offer the following treatments on the next page.

Special Foot Care

Pansy Feet care (Basic pedicure)
A foot care bath and filing your natural nails into shape. Inhibit nail care. Care with foot cream.
Paramount Pedicure
En Lux pedicure with foot massage, and gel polish.
My perfect feetcare
A Spa feet care with foot bath Scrub nails cut and rub massage, packing and gel polish To an extra time and Foot Care will cost an additional €05.00.