Busy job, busy mother, busy girlfriend, busy busy and so on. And then it comes you feel tired and exhausted. And then the first signs come shoulder pain, neck pain and so on. And you ask yourself is it my working attitude or something else.

We sometimes forget that our body is working all day long. From muscle to joint. They also deserve a rest and a pampering moment
SalonbySaima offers various massages to relax your body. So that you are ready for the day again.

What can a good massage do for you.

Stimulation of the blood circulation, strengthening of the skin, stimulation of the organs. Flexibility of muscles and joints. Improves posture. And of course don't forget the relaxation of the mind.
SalonbySaima offers various massages for different needs.
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Relaxation Massage

Head and shoulder massage(30 min)
Back massage (30 min)
Legs and Foot Massage (30 min)
Complete relaxation massage (60 min)

Connective tissue massage

Anti-cellulite connective tissue massage + cupping
Anti-Aging Facial Massage (30 min)
Anti-Aging Facial Massage(50 min)
Connective tissue massage(60 min)
Massage package of (5 times) of your choice (60 min)

Sports massage

Sports massage (30 min)
Sports massage (60 min)